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 Bakery Hill
retail bakery outlet operated by the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
a series of courses that can be completed in one year or less and that provide a student with technical knowledge and skills in a given area
 cooperative education
an arrangement whereby students work at a paid job, related to their program, for college credit; also called co-op
 culinary arts
the art of cooking
a series of courses designed to cover key areas of a field of study and lead to a certificate or degree in that field of study
an academic title earned by students who complete a course of study
the science concerned with nutritional food planning and preparation
 garde manger
A cool room for storing food and for preparing cold dishes, such as cold buffet dishes. Also, a chef who supervises the preparation of cold dishes.
Midwest Culinary Institute
a students primary field of study, leading to a degree in that field, at Cincinnati State; also called a major at many colleges and universities
 Summit (The)
restaurant operated by the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
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