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Pastry capstone provides sweet ending

Pastry Capstone PhotoThe last week of the term is always a lot of fun at Cincinnati State, at least for those of us who get to watch what the students are doing in their capstone courses – so named because they are designed to be the final piece in the educational arch, the chance to show off everything they’ve learned in their major.

Pictured, left: Cincinnati State President Dr. O’dell M. Owens joined Pastry Instructors Jim Myatt, second from left, and Moe Thie, second from right, for a photo with the students, left to right, Daphne McCoy, Brittany Stegman, Molly Cover, Sarah Crandall, Kate Byrd, Jennifer Fuller, Carrie Ahern and Katie Mistler.

The pastry capstones are especially popular, for obvious reasons. Each student typically picks a theme, then designs and bakes a treasure trove of treats around that theme. Then comes the day when all that work is presented to their instructors, family, friends and the entire college.

Tradition holds that after the judging is through and the photos have been taken, the work is cut up and distributed to the guests.

Here’s a sample of what was on display at one such display, from students in a capstone class under the direction of pastry instructors Jim Myatt and Moe Thie.

Click here to view slideshow.

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